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About Me

I’m a master mentor, motivator, serial entrepreneur and banking professional. I’m the founder of multiple companies all formed while working a full time professional job.
I’ve found that working full time can really sap the life out of you and distract you from what you can really achieve, it was only one day when I went into work to realise that my contract was cancelled; I lost my job through no fault of my own! I tried to blame everyone, but ultimately I gave my employer permission to do that to me, with that in mind, that was the lesson I needed to start my own business and take responsibility as I learnt nothing in life is secure, unless you secure it yourself.
Years of Experience
Lamborghini’s In 3 Years

From Pushing Trolleys At The Supermarket To Buying 8 Supercars In 10 Years & Multiple Businesses. Learn From An Expert.

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My Experience

My journey started off as an ordinary kid in East London washing cars on my street to make some extra pocket money and one of my first jobs was pushing trolleys in the supermarket. I’ve gone through hundreds of failures and complicated situations which built a growth mindset, which is my #1 secret to success.

Got rejected from Natwest for work experience, but ended up in Banking as a career, how ironic!

  • Expelled From School Before GCSEs
  • Got One A Grade In School
  • Property Portfolio
  • 8 Supercars in the last 10 Years
  • eCommerce Business
  • Mentored 100s Of People
  • Marketing Agency
  • $120M In Client Sales
  • Worked With Rihanna, Prada, Fast & Furious
  • Worked At JP Morgan, CitiBank, BNP Paribas


Proud Father


Married My Soulmate


5 Lamborghini’s in 3 years


Mentoring Business


Property Business


eCommerce Businesses





What People Say

eCommerce Business Blueprint
I've always been interested in starting an online eCommerce business but didn't really know how, especially working for the big banks, you get stuck in your job, having learnt this simple process, I am generating another income stream with something I really enjoy.
Nicole Jardine
A forward looking and inspirational coach.

Keeps it simple yet highly effective with his strategies which has resulted in incredible results & additional income which doesn't get in the way of my work life balance either.
Hasan Rahman
I had no idea eCommerce could be so easy, working from home & having 2 kids can become busy, but this system is so user friendly I actually really enjoy it & managed to make over £500 in my second week.
Kam Phull
Ree has a creative & innovative way to find efficient & cheap ways to run an online store, he is patient & provides comprehensive coaching for an old hard headed 70 year old, who's trying to earn money to send poor kids to school.
François Davignon
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